Call for Papers

General Research Activities

We primarily conduct research on anomaly detection and classification using model-based and data-driven methods on the following:

  • Robotics and mechatronics systems to perform fault diagnosis and to enhance automation and reliability, including Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Biomedical signals such as ECG and EEG to identify the key biomarkers for early detection of diseases and to enhance the accuracy of diagnostics.

Research Facilities

  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2

  • INTECO Two Rotor Aerodynamical and ABS Antilock Braking Systems

  • Dell Bright Cluster HPC and Digital Twin System:
    • 1 PowerEdge R6525 Head Node
    • 3 PowerEdge R6525 Compute Node
    • 1 PowerEdge R750 GPU Node
    • 1 PowerEdge R6515 SDP Node
  • Festo CP LAB Variant 3, which includes the following:
    • 6 CP Lab pallet transfer system
    • 4 system trainers with A4 frames
    • 2 CP Bridge
    • 1 mobile robot for pallet transport
    • 2 magazine application modules
    • 1 measurement application module
    • 1 muscle press application module
    • 1 tunnel furnace application module
    • 1 workpiece output application module

Research Partners and Collaborators