I enjoy photography and here are some of the photos that I have taken during my travels. This page will be updated continuously as my collection increases :)

Taken on Midsummer Day. Flowers blooming around the neighbourhood. It’s a serene consolation in welcoming the second half of the year, especially with the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic (2020).

Spectacular winter sunset over Belfast city (2020).

Chinese New Year celebration with lion and dragon dances at the Ulster Hall, Belfast (2020).

Christmas Market at Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland (2019).

The Ulster Orchestra led by conductor Pete Harrison performing scores from “The Snowman” (2019).

Visiting the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland during autumn (2019).

Tim Peake’s space capsule on display at the Ulster Transportation Museum, Northern Ireland (2019). Notice the control panel inside the capsule.

A cow grazing greens right outside my bedroom on a beautiful spring day, Northern Ireland (2019).

Cherry blossoms at the Merville Garden Village during spring time, Northern Ireland (2019).

Somewhere during spring time in Larne, Northern Ireland (2019).

Entrance to the Ulster University Jordanstown Campus, Northern Ireland (2019).

Looking around from atop the hill at Portmuck, Northern Ireland (2019).

A small portion of the “Game of Thrones” tapestry at the Ulster Museum, Northern Ireland (2019).

The entrance to a karaoke box outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2019).

Interesting soundproofing panels on the ceiling of a jazz bar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2019).

The Alps, trains, and a jet in the sky. What’s not to love? Innsbruck, Austria (2018).

On top of the Alps in Innsbruck, Austria (2018).

Visiting Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, Germany (2018). Pictured here is one of the first diesel engines made based on the design of Rudolf Diesel.

Looking across River Cam and Magdalene College from Magdalene Bridge, Cambridge, UK (2018).

Connemara National Park, Ireland (2018).

RSPB Rathlin West Light Seabird Centre, Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland (2018).

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland (2017).

Christmas Market at Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland (2017).

Carrickfergus Castle, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2017).

The Big Buddha statue in Phuket, Thailand (2016).

Experiencing the busy night market in Taichung, Taiwan (2015).

View from the top of Oslo Opera House, Norway (2015).

The great organ inside the White Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland (2015).

Chasing the midnight sun during summer in Narvik, Norway (2014).

Winter, looking out from the apartment that I stayed in Linköping, Sweden (2014).

Strolling along Pulteney Bridge, Bath, UK (2014).

The exact same spot somewhere in Scotland where Bond and M shot their scene in Skyfall (2013).

The National Monument, Scotland (2013).

Seeing the VW XL1 in the metal outside Buckingham Palace, London, UK (2013).

Overlooking the night skyline of San Marina Bay, Singapore (2012).

A garden invader spotted in action, Malaysia (2012).

Juvenile crab in a bottle at Cherating, Malaysia. It was released back to its habitat after the photoshoot (2012).

The majestic sunset at Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia (2011).

The remaining of the 12 Apostles at The Great Ocean Road, Australia (2011).

A cute friend that I met in Melbourne, Australia (2011).

Actors reenacting scenes at the Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Australia (2011).

The beautiful night skyline in Hong Kong (2011).

A disappointed Schumi after crashing out at the 2010 Sepang Grand Prix, Malaysia (2010).

An old fishing village in Kukup, Malaysia (2010).