Latest Research Featured in IEEE CSM

14 Mar 2020

Our research on “A Realistic Simulation Testbed of a Turbocharged Spark-Ignited Engine System: A Platform for the Evaluation of Fault Diagnosis Algorithms and Strategies” is featured in the latest issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine. What a way to celebrate Pi Day!! :-)

Abstract: The article discusses a novel open-source simulation testbed of a turbocharged spark-ignited petroleum engine system for testing and evaluating residuals generation and fault diagnosis methods. The program, which was designed and developed using Matlab/Simulink with a graphical user interface (GUI), allows a user to realistically simulate the engine using industrial-standard driving cycles. The GUI also allows the user to induce one of the 11 faults of interest so that their effects on the performance of the engine can be better understood. This minimizes the risk of causing irreversible damage to the engine and shortening its lifespan, should the tests be conducted on the actual physical system. This simulation testbed will serve as an excellent platform where researchers can generate critical data to develop and compare current and future model-based and data-driven methods for fault diagnosis of automotive engine systems.

The paper can be downloaded here.